The Rose King

Greetings! Welcome to, the website owned and operated by Olen Anderson. I made this website just to be able to put up some interests of mine and give my friends something to look at.So I've decided that I want to stop shaving my beard down and let it grow. As I have just put it up, pretty much everything is going to be overhauled and redesigned this summer. And by updated, I mean converted to XHTML 1.0 before all else. And by this summer, I mean Christmas.
Anime Hub I made an anime page. Give it a look!
HTML Guide Comprehensive guide aimed at new users to learn up to XHTML 1.0.
DVD Town Info Page dedicated to my work and perks from DVD Town.
Ski Trip 2005 I went skiing in 2005, and took some pictures.
Journal All the kids are doing it these days.
My Biography Check out the wild life and times of me, Olen.
Links I have been to the edge and back, and even if you don't need crust, these places are kinda fun.
My Friends' Home Pages Some of my friends have made really good pages. You should check them out.
Shout Out List A list of the many talents, people, etc. that helped me make this page. Or if you're one of my close personal buddies.
The Disclaimer Some notes on the page.

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